Ambianz Studios

Welcome to AmbianZ Studios, where creativity meets cutting-edge audio technology!

Our brand-new state-of-the-art Multimedia Studio is your ultimate destination for top-notch recording and podcasting experiences. Equipped with premium audio gear, our studio features three mounted and adjustable dynamic microphones, ensuring crystal-clear sound for up to three guests at a time. Our advanced house audio interface seamlessly integrates into a central table, enhancing your recording process with intuitive controls and seamless connectivity. Comfortable seating, sound-absorbing panels, and ample space provide the perfect environment for optimizing your podcasting and recording sessions. Plus, we've got you covered with professional-grade pop filters, windscreens, and auxiliary cables—everything you need to take your audio content to the next level. Let AmbianZ Studios elevate your creative vision.

Podcast Session

with engineer

Recording Session

with engineer


without engineer
*2-hour minimum for all bookings

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