Navigating Independence: A Journey with Blu Leaf Senior Transportation

Will B
January 2, 2024

In a recent interview with Shameka Whitted and Shanesha, the dynamic duo behind Blu Leaf Senior Transportation, we gained valuable insights into their inspiring journey of providing compassionate and independent transportation services. Born and raised in Durham, their personal connection to the community has driven them to break down barriers in the industry and offer a service that goes beyond conventional medical transportation.

Founders at a Glance:

  • Shameka Whitted: A proud NCCU graduate with over 18 years of experience at Duke, Shameka's background in recruitment has been instrumental in shaping the vision of Blu Leaf. Her inspiration for the business came from a personal connection to the challenges faced by elderly family members and a strong desire to fulfill a crucial need in the community.
  • Shanesha: With a background in the health field, Shanesha complements Shameka's expertise perfectly. Working in dialysis, she understands the struggle of individuals who feel like a burden on their families. Blu Leaf provides a solution for them to regain their independence and reduce the burden on loved ones.

The Genesis of Blu Leaf Senior Transportation:

The idea for Blu Leaf was sparked by a simple question from someone special in Shameka's life: "Have you ever thought about medical transportation?" This question, along with a recommended book, ignited a journey that has evolved significantly since September. The business has become Medicaid approved, securing significant insurance deals and overcoming challenges posed by major broker companies monopolizing the industry.

Compassion in Action:

Blu Leaf stands out for its commitment to offering a compassionate touch in an industry dominated by profit-driven broker companies. The founders emphasize the importance of providing a service that goes beyond mere transportation. Through word of mouth, they've connected with families in need, ranging from weddings to assisting older individuals.

Recognizing the power of social media, Blu Leaf has leveraged platforms like Instagram and Facebook to spread awareness. Their marketing toolkit includes video clips, postcards, brochures, and the potential launch of a YouTube channel. The founders attribute their success to the support of their circle and extensive research.

Blu Leaf found a home for professionalism and growth in DBCo (Durham Bottling Co). Having a dedicated space for their business conveys energy and seriousness, setting them on a path of success. The community aspect, member events, and helpful amenities like free parking and conference room booking hours have contributed to their positive experience.

Blu Leaf's vision extends beyond transportation. With recent service approval through Medicaid, they plan to support peer groups, including military service members and those in need of mental health recovery. The ultimate goal is to expand their services to adult care homes and focus on supporting vulnerable groups within the community.

Blu Leaf Senior Transportation is not just a business; it's a community-driven initiative to provide essential services with compassion. As they continue to grow, their commitment to giving back and supporting the less fortunate remains unwavering. Join Blu Leaf on their journey as they redefine transportation for all, making a positive impact on the lives of seniors, individuals with disabilities, and the entire community.

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