5 Steps to Choosing the Right Corporate Event Venue in the Greater Triangle Region of North Carolina

Tamarea Parker Rushdan
January 19, 2023

When planning any corporate event (whether a conference, training seminar, holiday social, or team building workshop) choosing the right venue is one of the primary tasks–and we’ve got just the tips you need to get started. Sorting through the myriad of potential corporate event venues in Raleigh, Chapel-Hill, or Durham, NC can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. This simple step-by-step guide helps to identify the perfect venue for your upcoming corporate event in the greater triangle region!

1. Understanding Your Needs

The first step is essential to setting the tone for your experience: identify exactly what you’re looking for in an event space. For example, how many people will be there? Does location and proximity matter? Do you need access to equipment, break out rooms, or other on-site amenities? Will audio-visual components be needed? What types of settings may help set the ambiance to ensure that attendees get the most out of the event?

Outline your specific needs in bullet format to help weed through the oversaturated search results, and to then plan a site tour of the spaces that best match those needs. If you’re having difficulty finding the clear and concise information you need on the web, it always helps to get connected with the management team directly through email or phone call. Many representatives are happy to walk you through the various early questions for your event.

2. Identify Accessibility Requirements

Having a clear understanding of the accessibility requirements of your guests is also a vital factor. A venue that isn’t accessible to all attendees should be immediately disregarded to avoid any major hiccups or concerns the day of. When in doubt about the nature of your guests’ requirements, always opt for venues with robust accessibility options. It’s always better to have and not need, than to need and not have.

3. Choose a Venue that Matches Your Business Culture and Brand Values

Ensure your event space can match the etiquette of the event and the formality of your overarching brand. While bare-bones event spaces can be decorated and beautified, only so much can be done if the event space doesn’t meet the professional aesthetic that’s (most likely) desired. On the flip side, the inverse is also true! An event where you’re trying to inspire a cozy, casual and comfortable atmosphere may feel stilted if your venue is too pretentious or stuffy. It’s crucial to select a space that appropriately matches the company’s core values to ensure that all attendees feel welcome. Fortunately, in the forward thinking shift that has been taking place in the workforce during recent years, many options exist for corporate event venues that truly prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion for all people.

4. Location. Location. LOCATION!

If your event is very far away from your target attendees, or not in close proximity to other local amenities (public transit routes, highways and interstates, gas stations and restaurants, etc.), there may be a significant difference in the number of attendees than somewhere else that is easy to find. Select a centralized location in an area of town that guests may be familiar with. For corporate events, that typically means selecting event venues in central business districts. Events in downtown areas may be easier to access and public transportation is often a comfortable process, but parking (public or on-site) is also a major factor to consider. Venues that are in more rural areas may spare the up front budget expenses and save some money for your business, but will the event attendees or the overall turnout pay the big price in the long run?

5. Assess the pros/cons of each option and MAKE THE BEST CHOICE

Now, it’s time to make the big decision. Compare the pros and cons of the prospective spaces and identify the one that can satisfy most, if not all of your needs for this particular corporate function. Take into consideration every factor we’ve covered together and analyze which selection will allow you to get the most bang for your buck, while facilitating a memorable and fulfilling experience for the guests in attendance.

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