5 Benefits Startup Coworking Spaces Provide for Any Small Team

Durham Bottling Co
January 23, 2023

Increasingly, businesses are seeking out coworking spaces for their workspace needs. It’s no surprise since the employer benefits of coworking spaces are wide-ranging, including new leads and decreased office costs, among other positives.But employers aren’t the only ones who reap the rewards. Remote and hybrid teams also benefit from the flexibility and culture of coworking spaces.

Here are 5 of the best benefits of coworking spaces for any small team!

1. Access to Top Office Tools

Giving your team access to the top office tools ensures nothing holds them back from doing their best work. Whether it’s conference rooms, private offices, reliable internet, or printing and scanning services, coworking spaces provide workers with all the resources of the top office spaces.

In fact, certain startup coworking spaces offer greater amenities. With some coworking spaces offering podcast studios and other audio-visual capabilities, small teams can be granted the technology to push their talents further.

2. Improved Productivity

The environment in which we work greatly influences the quality of our work and our creativity. Coworking spaces offer positive, motivating environments that help increase your team's productivity.

While the routine and mundane nature of traditional office spaces can lead to stagnancy, the community of coworking spaces creates the perfect balance of familiarity and variety to keep teams engaged every day.

3. Perspective

Being near other motivated individuals gives your team valuable perspective, which can help their long-term quality of life. Traditional office spaces can be insular and leave your employees feeling cramped. And when employees feel trapped or restricted, those negative feelings can often lead to feelings of discontent, gossip, and other workplace drama.

Coworking spaces allow your team to be around other motivated entrepreneurs, teams, and freelancers. That perspective allows teams to see how daily successes and challenges are part of the everyday work-life of any organization.

4. Collaboration Opportunities

Coworking spaces attract talented individuals, and your business’ next partner may be working just across the room. Coworking spaces offer unparalleled day-to-day networking, making collaboration an effortless process. Everyday water cooler talk becomes far more valuable when teams can interact with potential new partners!

This benefit is particularly helpful for new startup companies. Since startups often help each other, coworking spaces have become one of the most popular sites for inter-company collaborations.

5. Clearer Work-Life Boundaries

Particularly when work is done from home, it can be unclear when employees are on and off the clock, leading to blurred work-life boundaries. While those blurred boundaries might initially mean higher productivity from your workforce, they can quickly lead to employee burnout and exhaustion.

Coworking spaces help make the work-life divide clearer. With coworking spaces, employees can begin work when they arrive at the facility and sign out for the day when they leave. In this way, they gain all the benefits of a traditional office space without all the conventional office overhead costs.

Durham Bottling Company: A Coworking Space for Small Teams

DBCo. is a coworking space in downtown Durham, NC, and we’re excited to help your team succeed. We’re proud of our culture of productivity and inclusiveness that allows small teams to flourish in the business world.

Is your team located in the Durham, NC area? Are you interested in starting a satellite office in a thriving business community with a rapidly increasing tech sector? Reach out to us at DBCo. today, or schedule a tour of our facility!

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Durham Bottling Company: Your Coworking Solution

DBCo. is the coworking solution to all of your office needs. We offer an inclusive, supportive community to our members, with all the tools needed to work happily and productively in the modern world.

Unsure about which membership offer will be the best choice for you or your team? We’re happy to discuss our various memberships and rates, and help select the perfect option for you. Contact us today!

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