4 Ways Our Durham Coworking Space Office Better Serves Worker Needs

Durham Bottling Co
January 17, 2023

The nature of 9-5 work is changing, and employees are gaining more influence in choosing their workspaces. Remote and hybrid work has proven successful, with employee satisfaction and productivity at all-time highs. The work culture at large is finally realizing that keeping employees happy is in everyone’s best interest. Thank goodness!

This success is no surprise to a coworking space provider like the Durham Bottling Company–and we’re excited about the change. As advocates of flexible and employee-centric workspaces since 2018, we are happy to see work culture catch up to what we’ve always known.

Employees aren’t machines. We’re people who have good work days and tough ones. We need community and support to achieve our aspirations. Bottom line: we have needs, both from our employers and our work locations. And that’s why DBCo. has committed to creating a flex space that gives people what they need to flourish.

Here are 4 ways our coworking, downtown Durham office space gives workers exactly what they need!

1. Flexibility

Flexibility and a sense of autonomy are vital to employee satisfaction. With a DBCo. coworking membership, remote and hybrid workers can choose when they work at home and when they need a more structured office setting.

With DBCo., you can leave all the distractions at home and focus on your work in a downtown Durham office space. For both the night owls and the morning birds–our all-access memberships mean you can shape your schedule for what suits you and your work best. Work any weekday or weekend, and any time of day (or night!).

2. Top-of-the-Line Work Tools

You can’t talk about worker needs without stating the obvious. We need the right tools to do our jobs. No one wants to be held back by office space shortcomings outside our control. That’s why at DBCo. offers every office tool you need to get your best work done.

Whether it’s reliable high-speed Wi-Fi, well-stocked printers and office equipment, conference rooms, private offices, or work mailboxes, we offer the amenities of traditional office spaces with far more flexibility. We even have a podcast studio to push your business’ audio projects to the next level. All that’s needed is your laptop!

3. Connection to Your Community

A feeling of connection with your community is an essential part of our day-to-day happiness. But, unfortunately, remote work can lead to us feeling isolated and unseen. But workplace isolation wasn’t uncommon even before the shift to remote and hybrid work. In traditional office spaces, employees often feel isolated from their broader communities as they don’t have the opportunity to branch into networks beyond the business itself.

Coworking spaces help employees feel more connected by surrounding them with community members and key players from the local area. At DBCo., our members work for both large-scale corporate and small businesses, with for-profits and nonprofits alike. Our members are freelancers, artists, and business owners from all backgrounds. But whoever they are, they all have one thing in common. They want to do quality work in a supportive and inclusive downtown Durham office space.

DBCo. hosts numerous events for its members to help them connect. We’re proud to host a space where networking and collaboration can happen daily.

4. Inspiration and Innovation

Work communities play a significant role in employee satisfaction partly because of their ability to inspire. The people who surround us in the office help us develop–both personally and in our careers.

The best jobs push us to learn and grow, and at DBCo., we’re proud to provide a space where our members do that for each other. The cross-pollination of being surrounded by talented people in different fields can be the perfect step toward your next personal or professional innovation.

DBCo.’s facility allows you privacy when you need it and connections when you’re looking for them–which is the perfect balance for work inspiration, innovation, and the ongoing growth we’re all looking to achieve.

The Durham Bottling Company: Your Coworking Solution

DBCo. is the coworking solution to all of your office needs. We offer an inclusive, supportive community to our members, with all the tools needed to work happily and productively in the modern world.

Unsure about which membership offer will be the best choice for you or your team? We’re happy to discuss our various memberships and rates, and help select the perfect option for you. Contact us today!

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